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Why not to lose weight without understanding the physiological part of it.

Why not to lose weight without understanding the physiological part of it.


The industry of food, diets and weight loss is struggling to keep up with the latest methods that can help someone lose weight. However, they need to focus more on quality life factors like psychological and emotional ones before coming up with a plan for weight-management. The less they focus on these factors the less the results these programs achieve will last.


This is the problem with diets, isn’t it? We are afraid your cravings for specific foods will bring you back to old habits and regress everything you achieved so far. Sometimes this happens just because of diets! Every diet says “eat this” and “do not eat that” and our human nature falls in love with what is not allowed. We fall into temptation and eat the “apple”. In other cases, deep down ourselves we know that we won’t be able to dedicate the same hours to the gym after we reach a certain result in our body transformation, and we also know that with less time in the gym we won’t keep the shapes we are fighting so much to achieve. We know before going to the gym that it is not going to work.


Losing weight is not about the program, it is not about following some advice someone gives us that is general and not fit for us, because the weight loss program should be just like Cinderella’s shoe, it only fits her. Losing weight is about getting rid of all the habits, and the root causes of those habits, that made us gain weight in the first place.


During the journey of gaining weight each of us starts to also gain some self-limiting beliefs about the body image. After this point, we have the mind that is controlling the body, and not vice versa, as it was during the period when we gained those first pounds. This is our fight: it needs to start in the mind. We can create a new way of being and transform ourselves only by making our mind collaborate with our body. This way our mind starts removing the self-limiting beliefs and gradually we start working on our body, to bring back the sparkle again. This time we will be sure of the road we are willing to take. We will have no fears about getting back, because our mind is our full supporter. That is why we need to understand the physiological part of weight loss, because it isn’t that simple program we have to follow.


Convinced? Then start today and make this path yours:

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