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Muscle testing, Your Body Does Not Lie

Muscle testing, Your Body Does Not Lie

Have you been asking yourself what is what you really want lately? For example, do you really want the promotion you are working so hard to get? Do you really love the lifestyle you are accustomed to? Do you want to know what you believe on a conscious and subconscious level? Then try muscle testing to get all these answers from within yourself. Achieving your aspirations is just a matter of decision, and most of our decisions are made when we are true to ourselves, and when we learn what you truly desire.  What if you are the only thing blocking your success?  

Have you ever heard of muscle testing?
Muscle testing also known as a form of applied kinesiology is a well-known technique used in Theta healing®. Muscle testing helps you in answering some of the questions your mind is strongly blocking by creating lies. How is this even possible? Well, your subconscious mind, which is in intimate and continuous contact with your body, holds all your beliefs. When you do muscle testing you are accessing this information. Your body will answer any yes or no question or affirmation by reacting in alignment with your subconscious mind. 

I haven’t done it before. How does it work? 

Whenever you say something that is true and your subconscious mind approves that as true as well, then your muscles become stronger, because the electrical and magnetic fields around your body become stronger. It works in the opposite way when you say something that is not true, thus your subconscious mind does not approve it as true. Muscle testing is not judging and it is not trying to tell us if something is right or wrong. If you hold a belief subconsciously, then your muscular response will confirm it. 

Muscle testing can be done at home and sometimes the results are amazing. One method to do muscle testing is body pendulum. It will require you to stand upright with your feet shoulder-width and your knees soft and relaxed. Make a statement like “My name is” or “I live in” or “I am a man/woman”.  You can say the true answer and a lie, and you will see which way your body moves when you say the truth or a lie.  It isn’t a yes or no, but rather do you agree or disagree with the statement made. 

Here is the list of some positive and negative beliefs you can try out, and see if you agree or disagree with the belief:

  • I always get hurt
  • I am perfect as I am
  • I am not enough 
  • I must please my mother/father 
  • I deserve love
  • I must be worthy of success
  • Bad things happen to me
  • Happiness is possible for me

Why do we suggest you try Muscle testing with us?

Part of the challenge in our lives is that we are cut off from access to the profound deep wisdom available inside each one of us. With this technique, your body will help you understand which beliefs that are blocking you. What is causing you disbalance? Are you under continuous stress? Do you want to have it all? Muscle testing will help with all the answers. 

You just discovered a belief that is preventing you from reaching your goals.  You assume the problem you are facing is conscious, but what if your subconscious is preventing you from achieving it?  Bringing this to a conscious level enables you to transform the belief.  If you want to reframe your limiting beliefs and create a bridge with your consciousness and subconsciousness? Book an appointment and create positive foundational beliefs for life

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